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Crane Tree Removal

Life's Tree Doctor provides crane removal service for trees of all sizes in the Atlanta area. Cranes are among our most valuable tools and an excellent method for removing unwanted trees. Our approach is to cut down a tree at the rear of your home or building, carefully lift it over the structure and surrounding property, and then place it in an area with minimal impact, enabling easy disposal. By using crane, we keep trucks, wood-chippers and other heavy equipment away from landscaping, thus minimizing any impact on your property.

The use of cranes for tree removal simplifies the process, especially in challenging situations such as trees located between structures or in hazardous areas. Crane assisted tree removal can also save time and labor, while minimizing impact and potential damage to the surroundings. With our crane-assisted tree removal services, we can decrease the amount of foot and equipment traffic on your lawn or landscaping, thus minimizing any potential impact.

Every tree is unique, requiring a tailored approach. Life's Tree Doctor has decades of experience in removing thousands of trees, making us the ideal choice for hazardous tree removal. We offer free estimates and develop a plan for the removal of one or multiple trees, and our experienced crew and crane operators are equipped to remove any requested or required trees.

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