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Golf Course & Country Club Tree Service

Golf Course Tree Service Atlanta

Due to the high standard of aesthetics demanded from golf courses, they are often viewed as the zenith of arboricultural excellence.  We take tremendous pride in exceeding our clients' expectations for every job, however providing tree care on golf courses brings additional challenges that we are always eager to bring about solutions for.


Trees provide a variety of benefits on a golf course such as privacy from homes, adjoining greens & fairways, and protection for golfers, cars, bystanders and property from errant golf shots.  Not to mention, they heavily influence a player's course strategy.

These additional factors make golf course tree care absolutely essential.


Why is Life's Tree Doctor qualified to care for trees at your golf course or country club?

We bring several years of experience from serving golf & country clubs throughout South Florida and have since brought our expertise to the Atlanta and North Georgia area.  Life's Tree Doctor employs ISA Certified Arborists who are able to identify, assess and act on the exact specifications of each tree on course while also taking into consideration the golfer's playing experience.

As an overview of our golf course tree service offering we:

•Create a plan to scout and monitor trees with potential to be problematic.

•Conduct scheduled inspections and ongoing collaboration with your in-house maintenance staff to ensure trees on course remain in optional health and aesthetic condition.

•Create an integrated plant health care and pest management philosophy.

•Take a proactive and preventative care approach opposed to reacting with curative treatments or removals to reduce waste and overhead.

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