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Homeowner Association Tree Service


Your in-house tree care consultants.


At Life's Tree Doctor, we understand that maintaining a safe and beautiful community is a priority for homeowners associations in Atlanta. That's why we work closely with your Board of Directors to create comprehensive and cost-effective tree service plans that integrate seamlessly into your overall goals.


One of our key focuses is continuity. To maintain safe and healthy trees within a community, it is essential that tree care plans are consistent, so we are there to aid in transitions when a new board is installed and ensure treatment plans are maintained. By working closely with your board, we can ensure that your community's trees receive the care they need to thrive and enhance the beauty of your neighborhood.


We also proactively identify potential hazards, overgrown limbs, pest issues, and compromised trees within your community. By conducting ongoing neighborhood assessments, we can limit potential liability by addressing any issues before they become major problems. Our team of certified arborists is trained to identify potential hazards and take the necessary steps to correct the problem.

It is also important to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, homeowners, and directors. We will work closely with your association to present and convey our tree care management plans, making sure that everyone is informed and understands the care and maintenance plans for the trees on the property.

In addition to providing regular tree care, our services also include emergency tree removal and storm damage cleanup. Severe storms can cause fallen trees and debris, making the area unsafe for residents. Our team will quickly respond to clear away any fallen branches or debris, ensuring that the area is safe for residents to use.

At Life's Tree Doctor, we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. Our team is dedicated to maintaining the safety and beauty of your community, and we will work with you to develop a comprehensive tree care plan that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we look forward to partnering with your Home Owners Association for years to come.

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