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How To Prevent Termites After Tree Removal

Tree removal can leave behind a stump that may attract termites. Harmful insects thrive on wooden material and can make the stump their home in just a few days, causing problems for you. While you can't always avoid tree removal, you can avoid termites by taking the necessary precautions. 6 tips to prevent termites after tree removal are outlined below.

Regular Trimming of Shrubs and Trees

To protect your home from termites, it's crucial to maintain a 3 to 4-foot buffer zone between your house and surrounding shrubs or trees. Regular trimming will help ensure that there is enough space between your home and the vegetation, reducing the risk of termites.

Get Rid of Stumps

Saving money by leaving stumps after tree removal may seem like a good idea, but it's important to consider their proximity to your home and other trees. Infestations can easily spread from one food source to another as they become depleted. Consider contacting Life's Tree Doctor for a hassle-free assessment from one of our ISA certified arborists to remove stumps before they become a problem.

Reduce Moisture

Limiting moisture around your home is crucial in preventing termites. Getting trees cut down near your home can help in eliminating moisture, but you should also consider using downpipe extenders to keep rainwater away from your property

Keep Mulch At A Distance From Your Home

Many people use mulch as a ground cover in flower beds to conserve moisture, but this can also attract termites. A simple solution is to place plants a few feet away from your home to reduce the need for mulch close to your property.

Maintain A Clear Space Between Your Property and Plants

Plants can enhance the appearance of your home, but they can also attract termites. To prevent termite infestations, minimize the number of plants near your house. If you can't imagine life without plants, keep them at a safe distance from your home. If you still want to have plants near your property, consider using planters or window boxes made from composite materials. Alternatively, you can consider seeking the services of a tree removal company to eliminate termites.

Eliminate Sources Of Food For Termites

Deadwood and other wooden debris can attract termites and provide them with a food source. To prevent termites, it is important to remove all decaying tree stumps and dead trees from your yard. If you have firewood, store it off the ground and away from your home to avoid attracting termites. Any other wooden debris in your backyard should be disposed of promptly.

Preventing termites is more cost-effective than treating them once they have infested your property. If you suspect that trees or stumps are attracting termites to your property, reach out to Life's Tree Doctor for an obligation-free assessment conducted by one of our ISA certified arborists.

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