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Tree Service Cost Explained: How An Arborist Comes Up With Your Estimate

It can be hard to predict how much tree work will cost because most people don't have it done more than once or twice per year. There are also many Atlanta tree companies with sometimes wildly varying pricing! It can be difficult to understand the costs involved in trimming or removing trees, even after you have received an estimate from a tree company.


Prices for tree trimming are typically based on the amount of work required and how much debris must be hauled away. Tree work can be affected by factors such as the location, time, equipment, safety requirements, and other factors. If additional work must be added on the day of the job, this could affect the initial estimate.


Reputable tree trimming companies will always provide written pricing for customers approval, regardless of whether it's called a work proposal, estimate, or bid. This document should include pricing and basic information about the company such as the legal name, address and contact information. Both the customer and tree company will agree to certain terms and conditions. These terms may be printed on the bid or online. Before you agree to an estimate, always ask for the terms and conditions.



  • What information can you find online about Atlanta tree removal companies?

  • Google, Yelp and Facebook can provide not only a score or star rating, but also feature reviews and feedback from real customers.

  • Is it simple to find the contact information for a tree company?

  • Do they have multiple contact options? You can contact us by phone, email, text or online booking.

  • Pay attention to the way that the business responds when you read reviews, whether the feed back is positive or negative.

  • Are they able to address customer complaints or do they ignore criticism?


  • Tree trimming and removal can be difficult. Reputable tree service companies will have insurance, often several types, to cover any unexpected occurrences.

  • Commercial General Liability

  • Basic coverage to cover damage and injury.

  • Vehicle

  • This policy covers motor vehicle and equipment-related damages

  • Personnel

  • Protects the workers of the tree service

  • Umbrella Coverage

  • To provide greater protection, you can combine your insurance with other types.

  • Many states do not require specific insurance.

  • Ask prospective tree services about insurance to ensure you are covered in case of an accident while they are on your property.


  • Reputable tree service companies will hire ISA Certified Arborists

  • The International Society of Arboriculture (ISO) is the leading arborist certification and training organization.

  • The majority of states don't offer licenses in arboriculture.

  • A "licensed arborist", with very few exceptions, is not a real credential.

  • Verify your potential arborist's ISA credentials here.

  • Experience and credentials go hand in hand

  • Professionals who claim they are experienced and have no training should raise a red flag!


  • Haul Away/Clean Up

  • Is the work estimate inclusive of hauling away the debris?

  • What are the expectations regarding cleaning up after work has been completed?

  • Seasonal Considerations

  • Are there any additional costs at a specific time of the year?

  • You can paint cuts on oak trees during oak-wilt season, for example.

  • Recent Events/Weather

  • Did a strong storm just occur? Private companies might not have access to municipal resources such as greenfills to dispose of debris.

  • Price increases and reduced availability of equipment or fuel can lead to higher costs or decreased availability.

Do not always choose the lowest estimate. When our owner, Dr. Chae Life, was just starting out in arborist work and provided a bid on a tree that had a rotten stump to be removed for a friend. The friend decided to take a lower estimate, which was approximately half the cost of Life's Tree Doctor. Dr.Life reminded her friend to validate the company's insurance, as it was potentially dangerous and difficult project.

After a few hours, the tree crew lowered part of the trunk onto her garage and nearby power lines. The tree trimmers refused to take responsibility and left the job site, likely because they weren't insured. Dr. Life's friend couldn't get in touch with them afterwards. The friend tried to save money on tree work, but the damage to her house and power outages cost much more than what she would have paid to a reputable company.

Life's Tree Doctor is a fully licensed and insured tree company serving Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas (Such as Marietta, Smyrna, Kennesaw and more). We hold various certifications including the coveted ISA Certified Arborist designation. Although we cannot always guarantee the lowest price, what we can guarantee is peace of mind, professionalism and assurance that your project will be handled with diligence and care. To schedule an estimate, give us a call at 678-543-5443 or submit a request online here.

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