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What To Consider Before Cutting Down A Tree

Trees are integral to the aesthetic of your landscape and the environment as a whole. However, the same tree that gives your property beauty can also become problematic due to a multitude of reasons. Your initial instinct may be to remove a seemingly overgrown or unhealthy tree. Pump your brakes for just a moment! Before contacting Life's Tree Doctor to safely remove the tree(s), there are a few things worth considering.

Reasons For Tree Removal

If a tree on your property falls into any category below, removal may be the remedy:

• Pest Infestation • Safety Hazard

• Disease

• Preventing adequate sunlight to your yard

• Roots are compromising your home's septic system or foundation

• The space needs to be repurposed for a new structure, pool, etc

Trees falling under more than one of these reasons are candidates for immediate removal. In some cases, there are alternative solutions which are also worthy of consideration.

Can Your Tree Be Saved?

Consulting with an ISA Certified Arborist in Atlanta should be the first step toward determining if the tree is in a condition where it can be saved. If so, your arborist will be able to prepare a care plan to bring the tree back to optimal health. Removal would only be recommended if your tree cannot be saved. As you observe your trees, here are a few signs that are a cause for concern:

• Peeling Bark

• Discolored or Drooping Leaves

• Fungus Growth

• Rotting Branches or Roots

If you notice these signs, you should contact your Atlanta Arborist, Life's Tree Doctor, for a diagnosis.

Is Transplanting The Tree An Option?

It depends. Transplanting trees is a delicate process and can be successful when done properly by a certified arborist. Generally, the smaller the tree, the greater likelihood of a successful transplant. When a tree grows to a certain size, transplanting is no longer an option. Life's Tree Doctor is the trusted arborist in Atlanta, and would be able to inspect your tree to determine if transplanting a tree is an option. If the tree must go and cannot be transplanted, removal would be the only other option.

Does The City Have An Ordinance To Protect The Tree?

There are some municipalities across Metro Atlanta that have Tree Protection Ordinances in place for specific trees and/or permit requirements prior to tree removal. Trees with historical significance or highly desirable trees are commonly protected by an ordinance. Life's Tree Doctor has experience working within all municipalities in the Atlanta area, their ordinances and permitting processes. We refer to the ordinances and permit process prior to beginning any tree work, ensuring we absolve our customers of any legal liabilities.

Should You Remove The Tree?

After you have considered the aforementioned scenarios and decided to move forward with tree removal, contact us for an obligation fee risk assessment. Trees should always be removed by trained professions for your own safety, those around you and your property. We have over 90 years of combined experience removing trees in Atlanta and likely have experienced scenarios similar to yours hundreds of time. If you decide to hold off on removing a tree or are still on the fence, contacting a Certified Arborist is still recommended. We can assess the tree to determine if it is an immediate hazard or if it can be put off for some time.

We look forward to serving you and your tree care needs!

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