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Wood Mites: The Hidden Threat to Your Trees

Trees are a valuable part of our environment, providing shade, clean air, and beauty. However, they can also be vulnerable to pests and diseases that can harm them. One of these pests is the wood mite, a tiny arachnid that feeds on fungi and decaying wood. While they may not pose a direct threat to human health, they can cause damage to your trees and make your outdoor spaces uncomfortable. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at what wood mites are, how they affect trees, and what you can do to prevent and treat them.

What are Wood Mites?

Wood mites are small, eight-legged arachnids that are found in decaying wood and soil. They are commonly found in wooded areas and can also infest wooden structures, such as decks and fences. While they are not harmful to humans, they can cause damage to wooden structures and can be a nuisance in outdoor living spaces.

How do Wood Mites Affect Trees?

Wood mites feed on fungi and decaying wood, which can cause damage to trees over time. They can also spread fungal diseases to healthy trees, which can further harm their health. Wood mites can also attract other pests, such as termites, that can cause further damage to your trees.

Identifying Wood Mites

Identifying wood mites can be difficult, as they are very small and often go unnoticed. They are typically less than 1mm in length and are pale in color. You may notice their presence by seeing small piles of sawdust-like material around the base of trees or wooden structures.

Preventing Wood Mites

Preventing wood mites from infesting your trees and wooden structures is key to keeping them healthy. Here are some tips for preventing wood mites:

  • Remove decaying wood and plant debris from around your trees and wooden structures.

  • Keep your trees healthy with regular watering, fertilization, and pruning.

  • Use insecticidal soap or neem oil to treat fungal diseases that can attract wood mites.

Treating Wood Mites

If you already have a wood mite infestation, there are several treatment options available. Here are some of the most effective ways to treat wood mites:

Natural Remedies for Wood Mites

  • Apply a solution of water and tea tree oil to wooden structures to repel wood mites.

  • Apply a mixture of dish soap and water to wooden structures to suffocate wood mites.

  • Spray a solution of vinegar and water onto wooden structures to deter wood mites.

Chemical Treatments for Wood Mites

  • Apply an insecticide that is labeled for use against wood mites to the affected area.

  • Use a borate-based wood preservative to prevent future infestations.

Life's Tree Doctor: Your Wood Mite Solution

At Life's Tree Doctor, we understand how important your trees are to you. That's why we offer a range of services to keep your trees healthy and thriving. If you suspect that your trees may have a wood mite infestation, our team of experienced arborists can help. We use safe, effective treatments to get rid of wood mites and protect your trees from further damage.

Wood mites may be small, but they can cause big problems for your trees. By staying vigilant and taking steps to prevent and treat infestations, you can keep your trees healthy and beautiful for years to come. If you're concerned about the health of your trees, contact the experts at Life's Tree Doctor. We're here to help.


Q: Can wood mites spread to other trees or plants?

A: Wood mites are not known to spread to other trees or plants.

Q: How can I tell if my trees are stressed?

A: Signs of tree stress can include leaf discoloration, premature leaf drop, and slow growth.

Q: Are wood mites harmful to humans?

A: No, wood mites are not harmful to humans.

Q: Can I get rid of wood mites on my own?

A: While there are DIY treatments available, it's best to consult with a professional arborist before attempting to treat a wood mite infestation

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