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Tree Service Acworth GA


At Life's Tree Doctor, we provide professional tree care services to the residents of Acworth, GA. Our team of expert arborists take a holistic approach to tree care, considering the tree's environment and overall health when providing services such as removal, pruning, and fertilization. We strive to ensure that every tree we treat is given the best care and attention. Our goal is to enhance the beauty of your property by providing comprehensive and expert care for your trees.

• Acworth, GA Tree Removal

At Life's Tree Doctor, we specialize in safe and efficient tree removal for both commercial and residential properties in and around Acworth, GA. Whether a tree has a disease or significant structural damage that threatens its survival, we can remove it safely and responsibly. We understand the importance of removing trees to make room for others to grow and thrive. We are the professional tree removal experts in Acworth, GA, and are dedicated to providing high-quality tree cutting services.

• Tree Trimming in Acworth, GA

Regular pruning and trimming of dead or infected branches by Life's Tree Doctor can help prolong the life of your trees in Acworth, GA. Properly pruning tree limbs can reduce weight, enhance the tree's appearance, and increase air flow and light penetration to the lawn and surrounding areas. By ensuring that your trees are well-maintained, we can help them reach their full potential and continue to beautify your property.

• Crane Service in Acworth, GA

For some tree removal jobs, using a crane is the most practical and safe solution, and at Life's Tree Doctor, we have extensive experience using cranes to remove trees. This method can decrease the labor required, speed up the process, lower costs for our clients, and increase safety compared to traditional tree cutting and removal techniques.

• 24/7 Emergency Service in Acworth, GA

Severe storms with high winds and lightning can cause extensive damage to trees, leaving fallen branches and trees on your property and potentially causing damage to structures as well. If you find yourself in need of emergency tree cutting and removal services in Acworth, GA, do not hesitate to contact us at Life's Tree Doctor. We are prompt in our response and efficient in getting the job done safely and effectively.

•Stump Removal in Acworth, GA

Is an unsightly tree stump taking up space in your yard? Let Life's Tree Doctor assist you with our professional stump removal services for both residential and commercial properties in Acworth, GA and surrounding areas. Not only do tree stumps detract from the appearance of your property, they can also pose a safety hazard. Contact us now at 678-543-5443 to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate and competitive pricing.

• Acworth GA Arborist​

At Life's Tree Doctor, our ISA certified arborists in Acworth, GA will give you an honest assessment of the condition of your trees and recommend the appropriate tree cutting services. Our arborists will help you identify any issues with your trees and evaluate their overall health, and then work with you to determine the best course of action to enhance their beauty and maintain their health.

Ready to schedule your tree service in Acworth, GA? Give us a call at 678-543-5433 or book online!

From hazardous to unsightly, there are many reasons to consider tree removal.  We are happy to serve all communities in Acworth, GA with their tree removal needs. As ISA Certified arborists, we review all of your options beforehand and execute removals with safety and precision.

Smyrna Tree Removal by Life's Tree Doctor
Stump Removal Smyrna by Life's Tree Doctor.jpeg

Tree stumps can pose safety hazards and attract pests such as termites and bark beetles.  Life's Tree Doctor has been ranked among the best stump grinding companies in Acworth, GA for several years. We remove stumps safely and efficiently, restoring your landscape to pristine condition.  

Maintain the aesthetic of your landscape and preserve the long term health of your trees with regular tree pruning.  We prune thousands of trees each year in Acworth, GA in our mission to promote healthy growth! Consult with one of our arborists to determine the proper trimming schedule for your tree(s).

Smyrna Tree Pruning by Life's Tree Doctor
Tree Health Smyrna by Life's Tree Doctor

We often prefer tree preservation over removal when possible in the Acworth, GA area. With proper insect and disease management we are able to save trees using the latest advancements in tree medications and injections.

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, so we are on-call 24/7 to respond to emergency situations anywhere in Acworth, GA.  Using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques such as crane assisted tree removal, we are prepared for any situation.  All insurance carriers are accepted.

Emergency Tree Removal Marietta by Life's Tree Doctor
Land Clearing Atlanta by Life's Tree Doctor

We work closely with developers, homeowners and government entities to remove vegetation to their specifications while causing minimal disturbance to the surrounding ecosystem.

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